Fine Wire EDM


Rhein Precision looks forward to the challenge and the chance to demonstrate our expertise that can be achieved with our skilled EDM technicians and bank of EDM machines.

Electrical Discharge Machining is an advanced machining technique that allows for precise, detailed cuts that were once thought to be out of reach with traditional machining. With the ability to repeatedly and consistently complete parts with minute tolerances, EDM machining has become the ideal solution for manufacturing parts with unique cuts, angles, tolerances and materials. All materials used in the EDM process must be electrically conductive such as copper, aluminum, bronze, tungsten, carbon steel, high alloy, Inconel, Hastelloy, medical grade stainless steel, titanium or carbon graphite.

The Wire EDM process is achieved by creating an electrical discharge between the wire and the workpiece. A spark is sent from the shortest distance between a single strand of wire, usually brass, and the workpiece where it jumps the gap (known as the spark gap) at which point material is burned away from the workpiece. In order to control the sparking process from shorting out, dielectric, a non-conductive fluid solution is used to either flush or submerge the entire Wire EDM process. The eroded waste material is removed by the continuous flow of the dielectric fluid which is cooled and filter throughout the entire process. Since Wire EDM is mainly used for cutting shapes through assemblies and inserts, it is usually necessary to pre-drill a hole for the wire to be fed through in order for machining to be completed. The Wire EDM process is utilized only when the required cut goes through the entire workpiece.

Benefits & Specifications

  • Precision cuts; Wire EDM accuracy can be within +/- .0001”.
  • Internal corner cuts with nearly square edges.
  • Ability to cut long tapers that would otherwise be impossible.
  • More accurate production & prototype runs with shorter lead times.
  • Capability to accurately and repeatedly machine delicate & intricate parts
    with no deflection.
  • Wire EDM does not generate burrs.
  • Does not require tooling.
  • Machining takes place after heat treatment so dimensional accuracy is not affected by heat treat distortion.
  • Tolerance can be maintained to .0001”.
  • Wire Diameters from .002”-.010”.
  • Materials from copper, bronze, tungsten, carbon steel, high alloy, Inconel, hast alloy, stainless steel, titanium or carbon graphite.